Kaizen for Managerial Skills Improvement in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Impact Evaluation Study

Sonobe, Suzuki, and Otsuka (2011) Urban.RCT - Randomized invitation to participate.KAIZEN Production management training - to reduce non-value adding operations. Multifaceted classroom training and on-site KAIZEN training. Sample received both trainings, one or the other, or none.Entrepreneurs in the sample knew little about standard business practices and attached low value to learning management, but the training improved participants' business practices and recognition of importance of management knowledge. Male owners 20% more likely to participate in training given invitation than females. One year older increases probability of participating by 1-2%.http://www.depocenwp.org/upload/pubs/29-%20KAIZEN%20for%20Managerial%20Skills%20...100-180 male and female firm owners with typical revenues of $200-300,000 USD per year.