Tap and Reposition Youth (TRY): Providing Social Support, Savings, and Microcredit Opportunities for Young Women in Areas with High HIV Prevalence

The document reports on the Tap and Reposition Youth (TRY) project in Nairobi, Kenya. The project aimed to reduce the vulnerability of out of school adolescent girls and young women, aged 16-22, to HIV infection and other illnesses by improving their livelihood options through microfinance interventions. The document includes a description of the project, an overview of microfinance in Africa, a discussion of the limits of the project's initial microcredit model, an analysis of the project's impact, and recommendations for the way forward.

Erulkar et al (2006)


Rural.RCT.Microfinance.Low repayment and high program dropout.http://www.popcouncil.org/pdfs/seeds/SEEDS23.pdfWomen 16-22 years old, who are out-of-school and live in low-income and slum areas of Nairobi